GTA 6 Release Date Leaks – Delayed Until 2020


Rockstar Games, the producers of Grand Theft Auto franchise announced that they are focusing on a new project right now, and that got fans pumped up in hopes that this new project is Grand Theft Auto 6, but reports claim that Rockstar Games has yet to start developing GTA 6.

When Rockstar Games announced they are working on a new project, everyone assumed it was GTA 6, but Rockstar Games has more than one game to work on, such as the upcoming Red Dead Redemption 2, which was the game they probably were referring to.

The developer  team that works for Rockstar has to be focused on the upcoming release for Red Dead Redemption 2, and this might be one of the reason GTA 5 is not receiving the same amount of updates it previously received. Red Dead Redemption 2 surely requires the full attention of developers, since the first game in the series set the quality bar very high with the success it had.

With VR headset flooding the gaming market right now, rumors have come light indicating that GTA 6 will have VR based missions and activities, and that is increasing the budget needed to create GTA 6.

Even if Rockstar Games have not made any official statement regarding the release date of Grand Theft Auto 6, fans are speculating that the game is going to drop around 2018, since GTA games usually have a five year gap between them, but considering that Rockstar wants to add VR oriented missions and game play for GTA 6, and they need time to add this technology to their game, keeping count of the budget size this will require, the game’s release date will probably be moved to 2020.

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