GTA 6 Release Date on PC, Xbox Scorpio and PS4 Leaks

One of the most highly anticipated video game, namely Grant Theft Auto 6 , that follows the ever so renowned Grad Theft Auto 5 ,is of great interest among the gaming community and specialists, while Rockstar is being very inconclusive and reticent towards its current state of development.

It is worth taking into consideration that Rockstar announced their next big hit to be “Red Dead Redemption 2”, despite the beliefs that the next GTA will follow its predecessor by 2019 to 2020 on PC, Xbox Scorpio and PS4.

Rockstar Games is known to be a gaming franchise that creates major hits among the gaming industry, managing to keep gamers interested over their issues for many years, continuing to do so in the present day aswell. It is customary for them that for every game that they issue is of top-notch quality, gaming enthusiasts are eager for the release of a reaction to their previous games with a follow-up. In all likelihood, it will happen for “Grand Theft Auto 6” as well.

As revealed before, “Red Dead Redemption 2” kept the customers intrigued for a disclose regarding the announcement of a next GTA game, being driven by assumptions and leaks that Rockstar would be announcing something before this year ends. However, Red Dead Redemption 2 will be issued before Grand Theft Auto 6.

The Rockstar CEO, Leslie Benzie assured that Rockstar did not run out of ideas regarding the GTA franchise, stating they have 45 years worth of ideas to do what they please with them. They are solely focusing on a GTA Online game, restlessly working from finishing GTA 5 and then working on the Online. They do not know how to represent this situation, having to choose from a set of ideas, soon being able to pick the right ones, as stated by Leslie Benzie in an interview.

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