GTA Online gets new DLC in the form of Import/Export

GTA Online took over exactly where the standalone single player experience of Grand Theft Auto 5 left of in terms of generated hype. Rockstar has solidified a presence within the online spectrum with GTA Online, and is now looking to launch a new DLC for the game.

The new Import/Export DLC will include loads of new content for players to take part in, including the new Vehicle Cargo missions and the newly introduced Adversary Mode. Additionally, there will be a lot of new cards making their way into GTA Online since cars are what the expansion centers around. There will also be missions that will require Special Vehicles to complete, which adds another layer to the importance of cars in Import/Export.

The new Vehicle Cargo missions will be similar to Special Cargo assignments, which were introduced in an earlier DLC. The goal of these missions will be to locate and obtain a specific car, which can then be turned into profit in a variety of ways.  If you obtain a car, you can take it back to your warehouse and sell it for mass profits after you give it a new paintjob and some modifications, or turn it in to the police to get a nice bounty. The game also allows you to tear it apart for scraps which can them ne used or sold.

The new expansion focuses on getting new, expensive and exotic cars from all around the game’s available locations, and then turning them into a profit as players establish a dominance over the city and the exotic vehicle scene. Both computer generated threats as well as other players looking to build a reputation as king of the hill will be looking to take you down on their way to glory, making it harder than ever to stay on top.

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